Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Worth the risk...

I arrived at my studio today with the intent to get caught up on my paperwork, but as I was checking my email, and later after a phone conversation with a colleague I decided what I really needed to do was to take a moment to pause and reflect upon my feelings about issues that were of concern to me. 

"Worth The Risk"  (c) Amy Yosmali, 2018 All Rights Reserved.
A few days ago, a friend had made a post on social media that were essentially along the lines of the famous quote “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”.  I can most certainly feel as though this is a true statement, as many times I have gone far and above what others would even consider doing in supporting a person or cause in which I believe in. 

I think that it’s important to point out that there is always a risk of putting oneself out there for another, or for a cause.  There is the risk that, if I may quote Luke Skywalker “This is not going to go the way you think”.  I think it is because of this risk, that people are often too afraid to step up and do what’s right, and support whom and what you believe in.

You know what, Luke is right.  Often it does not go the way you think.  Often, you are successful to some degree in helping, but in the process, it may alter your belief in others or the cause.

Belief.  It’s what drives passion.  It is the strength that allows me to overcome the fear of risk. For me, I need to “Believe” in the person(s) or cause in which I am of support of. 

There have been many times in my life where I have helped where others would not have.  And on occasion, although I may have been successful on many accounts on assisting where there was a need, I may walk away from the experience having lost belief in who/what I have supported.  Perhaps it’s because by being involved, it gives me a front row seat and access to information that makes me more aware of the entire breadth of the situation.  It certainly has often provided me a unique perspective.

I have never questioned “why” I help others, and if I asked would I do it again the answer will always answer “yes”.

But that’s not to say that my opinion, or respect for the people who I was in contact may not have changed because of my helping.  In most cases, it has elevated my respect for others, but on rare occasion, it has lowered it.

Disappointment in others – it happens. 

Loosing respect for someone, hurts and certainly gives pause to helping others.  When I feel like I want to give up on helping others, I always “test” myself…  just to see, “Do I still have it in me”.  Most often it’s a small act of kindness for a stranger or a friend, but it is always effective in giving my soul the fuel it needed.

But for every disappointment I have ever experienced in helping, I can point to how my relationships are flourishing, appreciation and respect in others has deepened, knowledge was gained, and new relationships gained continue to blossom, and for that I am grateful for having offered to help.

The risk is ALWAYS worth it if it is something that is in line with your values!

"Worth the Risk"
by Amy Yosmali
(c) Amy Yosmali, 2018. All Rights Reserved

Acrylic on Yupo
Painting: 11x14  Mat: 16x20 (not pictured)

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Dusting things off!

It's been awhile.... bloging that is!

Many of you have indicated that you would like to know more about what inspires me.  So, I've decided to blow the dust off of my old blog, crack my fingers and give it a whirl again.  I invite you to join me in my adventures, and take a peak into what inspires me.  

I can't make any promisses in terms of frequency so I'm going to take is slow and see how it goes.  Audience participation can be both a motivator and a sorce of inspiration as well so please feel free to share your thoughts as well!

~ Amy Yosmali, Artist