Sunday, February 25, 2018

It's all about the shoes!

As I’ve gotten older, my feet have gotten to the point where cheap shoes won’t cut it, and if I want to stand a chance of being able to stand on my feet years from now I need good shoes with good support.  I felt like Goldilocks over the years trying the many different brands of shoes recommended by others for their orthopedic qualities, but in the end I have pretty much determined that when it comes to flip flops I’m an OluKai girl, and that when it comes to all other shoes (except gym shoes) it’s nothing but Dansko’s for me.

I know, I know, most people think Dansko’s are just for work, and when you mention the brand name all that comes to mind are the traditional Dansko clogs.  But they actually have some pretty cute sandals, boots, heels, and dress shoes.  Dansko’s can’t be that bad, Vogue just had an article out this past September about how they were the current fashion darlings (Dansko Clogs Are Fashion's New Ugly-Chic Shoe Trend – Vogue)  Who knew that frumpy ‘ole me and my collection of Danskp’s would be on trend for once!

When I started buying Dansko’s I quickly learned that there are some that are highly coveted and collectable.  Yeah, I was surprised too!  It took a little over a year, but I finally managed to procure a pair of the “Paint Splatter” Dansko’s in excellent condition. 

Why the paint splatter clogs – Why not?  Hello, I’m an artist!  They are brightly colored, much like my art and best of all they are comfortable to wear.  They are sooooooo me!

I LOVE these shoes – I can’t wait to wear them all around town, and to events related to my art business! 

They are fun to look at, and inspire me to dream about how perhaps one day maybe I could design a colorful “art” clog for Dansko – wouldn’t that be fun!  A dream, but you never know – perhaps just putting it out into the universe, maybe someone reading this may know someone who could make that happen! 

Speaking of smiles – I would love to know what shoes make you smile when you put them on and why?  Be sure to share your stories in your comments below.

Dream big, wear comfortable shoes that make you smile as you journey through life!

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