Thursday, July 5, 2018


May was a chaotic blur, and June had finally arrived.  It was June 8th and I was anxiously looking forward to a kid free night with my husband and attending the opening reception for the “Blink Artist Showcase”.

Despite May having been for the most part bitter cold (I’m pretty sure I saw snow while at my son’s baseball game only a few weeks before) mother nature had decided to turn on the heat, in full blast in Cincinnati.  Lucky for me I had a comfortable, weather appropriate outfit, and a fabulous pair of Dansko dress shoes to keep my freshly pedicured feet comfy! 

The City of Cincinnati looked lovely on our short drive to downtown.  I think one of the prettiest views is when you approach the city going south on Reading Road, between 5pm and dusk on a beautiful sunny day… the city just glows and has this warmth to it.

When we arrived my dashing husband escorted me inside the building where we were greeted by the friendly staff of Art Design Consultants (ADC) at the check-in table.  After checking in we rode the elevator up to the 5th floor and walked into the gallery.

“Pink Champagne” (the large yellow and pink work)
at the Blink Artist Showcase Exhibit Opening Reception.
If you haven’t been to a reception at ADC, you need to go sometime.  Beautiful art, wine, lite bites, and most importantly friendly, knowledgeable staff and inviting atmosphere.  Oh, and great views of the city (which one can easily miss, because you will be too busy looking at the art to remember there are windows to look out of!).  

I have to say that I really enjoy my job as an artist, as it allows for me to have the opportunity to meet incredible people.  Not only do I get to meet other artists at events like this, I meet art collectors and enthusiasts and learn more about them and what connects them to art.  It’s makes for an enjoyable time and this reception did not disappoint as it was well attended with art enthusiasts and artists from around the country.  But more about that in my next post…

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