Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunshine, Snow, and Inspiration!

A slow start to Monday.  The good news – I managed to get to the gym.  The bad news, I missed my water aerobics class.  Hey, I at least got to the gym that was a challenge considering that its cold and snowing here in Cincinnati in the middle of April – it was extremely difficult to fight off the urge to stay in bed and hibernate this morning!  Apparently Mother Nature is a hot mess like I am.

Fight it off I did, and I’ve been spending my time getting ready for this week.  I have somehow managed to double book myself for this Friday, as I have both an Open Gallery Night, and will be participating as an art vendor at Ault Vines Fine Wines fundraising event at Ault park.  Luckily for me, my husband Tim will be taking over my duties at the Gallery and showing everyone my works as well as my talented friend Gary Kessler’s photography while I will be at Ault Park. 

While at the gallery today, I was prepping some new works I created last week to bring with me to the Ault Park event.  At the moment I don’t have titles for any of them (I’m always open to suggestions). The three smaller works are 3”x3” in size, are mounted in a 5”x5” mat (which will fit a 5”x5” frame).  The larger work is 9”x11” in size, mounted in a 16x20 mat (which will fit a standard readymade 16x20 frame).  The pallet I used consisted of Prussian Blue, Kings Blue, Gold Ochre, Silver, Warm Grey, Burnt Sienna, Rose Quinacridone, Venetian Rose and Turquoise Green, and iridescent white.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing (or come see them in person at Ault Vines this Friday!)

I paint very emotionally, and last week I was in a very unusual place.  I had just resigned from an organization I had been part of for just shy of 6yrs.  It was a very difficult thing to do as I have several good friends in the group and I really enjoyed seeing them at our meetings.  On one hand, I was sad for the loss of seeing my friends, but on the other, I was relieved, and strangely looking forward to exploring new options with my time and interests.  The weather in the latter half of last week was also beautiful, and I found the time I spent with my kids at the park after school and during their sports practices to be greatly rewarding.

When I paint, I almost always paint while listening to music.  I have a great Pandora station that I created in 2012 called “Amy’sSpring2012Creativity” that somehow always serves up tunes that perfectly fit my emotions – like a jukebox with ESP.  I get asked all the time if music inspires me – it most certainly does considering that many, many, many moons ago I was a Music Ed Major in College and am a college level musician.  It’s because of my love for music that I paint – and I paint like a musician performs.  Perhaps one day I will share more about that journey from musician to painter.  Until then I’ve listed below a few of the ecclectic mix of songs that Pandora kindly served up while I was painting that I emotionally connected to while painting last week.

I’ve shared with you my inspirations – feel free to share in the comments below the music or colors that inspire you!

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